Looking for a total security solution for your home or commercial space? Trident Security Services is a leading company in Melbourne, providing a large range of dependable security systems for a fully secure commercial or residential property. Our systems are designed with state-of-the-art features that make them simple to use and incredibly reliable. ASIAL

Not sure what is right for you? Our team will walk you through the options to help you select the security system that will give you peace of mind. We’ll consider your budget, space and the features you require to select a home alarm or commercial security system that meets all of your needs.

Commercial Security

With Access Control, Tecom Challenger and more, we can create the highest level of security for any commercial space.

Residential Security

Find modern, highly secure home alarm systems here and get our expert advice on which is right for you. We can also design a comprehensive home alarm system which can also protect the occupants during the night.


To keep your security system working at its best, invest in our testing and maintenance services.

Video Surveillance

You don’t have to be at your property to know exactly who is coming and going. You can view your CCTV system remotely on any mobile device with our impressive video surveillance hardware.

24-Hour Alarm Monitoring

Our alarm services extend beyond hardware installation. Trident Security can offer you low cost 24H Back-to-Base alarm and video verification monitoring.

Structured Cabling

For NBN Co, LAN Networking and Digital Telephony infrastructure, we can design and install copper and wireless networks to suit your application.

Industry Standard, Technologically Advanced and Affordable

We have consistently kept up-to-date with technological advances in our industry. From the early key operated alarms to the high-tech building management systems available now, we have always strived to keep ahead of the times and stay on the cutting edge of practical, high quality alarm and security methods.

The technology available today is not just capable of securing your premises, but can also be incorporated to control perimeter doors, lighting, video surveillance, home, garden automation and more.

We make things easy for you. With our next generation systems, your security can be connected and controlled via smart phones, tablets and PCs over the Internet.

Alarm Systems, Custom-Made with Our Customers in Mind

Our customers have always been our number one priority and we take pride in being able to adapt to their needs and requirements. Looking for a tailored solution in Melbourne? Our expert team can design and install a comprehensive and practical security system to meet your requirements and your budget.

To find out how we can design and specify the perfect security system for commercial use or a premium home alarm system, speak to one of our experts on (03) 9471 0576 today.