24-Hour Monitored Security Systems for Peace of Mind

The safety of your home or business is vital, and due consideration should go into keeping it at the highest possible level. An effective option for private and commercial properties is a monitored security system for round the clock protection.

At Trident, our Electronic Intrusion Systems don’t sleep, keeping your home or commercial property permanently watched over. This smart solution will alert our highly trained and skilled security staff if ever there is an alarm activation from your premises.

User-Friendly and Functional

We believe that an electronic security system should be simple to use, incorporating practical features, and becoming part of your daily routine. You won’t even have to think about it, that’s how used to your device you will become.

At Trident, we supply the popular Bosch product range among other high-end brands. It is a perfect example of easy functionality and quick operative features. It is very simple to operate during the day or night, with its illuminated, easy to use code-pad buttons and clear indicator icons.

To find out how Trident can implement a quality monitored security system for protection 24 hours a day, speak to one of our experts today on (03) 9471 0576.