Commercial Security Systems with Access Control & Tecom Challenger Software

How many of your business associates, clients or suppliers in Melbourne have been burgled?

The answer is, probably, quite a few. Over 390,000 thefts occur annually in Australia. That’s more than one robbery every two minutes. Often the disruption caused by burglars is more damaging than the theft itself and the resulting downtime an organisation faces is immeasurable.

Take precautions against your business adding to these statistics. Commercial premises require a higher level of security measures than residential and ignoring the issue leaves you vulnerable. Consider a safer future with our comprehensive security packages including the highly effective Bosch Solution 6000 Access Control systems and Tecom Challenger devices.

Choose Trident, We Make Life Easier for You

With the daily pressures of keeping a business running and all the work that goes with it, the last thing you have time to worry about is the security of your premises, your employees and the safety of high value items such as produce, stock, equipment and machinery.

With our expertise, we can create a practical, efficient and affordable commercial security system today, regardless of the size of your office or commercial space. We can custom-make your system with access control so that it matches your budget and location, exceeding your expectations.

We have been supplying effective security systems to businesses just like yours for over 30 years and integrate the newest technology including Access Control and Tecom Challenger. We combine leading technology with industry expertise, making your commercial property a secure environment where everything is closely monitored by trained security professionals, 24 hours a day.

The Benefits of Access Control

Trident Security Services can tailor an Access Management solution, including a high tech, effective and electronic Access Control system to suit your requirements.

With this system, you have control over who is allowed where and when on your premises. This makes it ideal for commercial security systems. Unique access credentials are issued to every person who is allowed to enter the property.

The advantages include:

  • Software defines the entrances, times and rules for entry of each cardholder, or for a group.
  • This information is then distributed to various door control panels for quick, dependable decision making every time a person requests to unlock a door.
  • Elevators can also be integrated offering a higher degree of security for offices and residential apartments and regulating your facility.

Giving credentials to everyone working in the premises improves security on site. Main entrances and foyers, which need to be opened during business hours, are programmed to lock and unlock automatically.

GE Challenger

The Tecom Challenger commercial security system offers powerful and sophisticated electronic monitoring of your business around the clock.

  • It has the flexibility to provide security for small, medium or large installations
  • It can offer expandability from 16 to 256 zones, 16 areas
  • Access Control can also be integrated to the Tecom Challenger and allow individual control of up to 64 doors, all connected via a LAN to a central PC which controls the entire system with special software.

Don’t leave it to chance. Make a smart investment in the future of your business when you ask Trident to design a quality system, with Access Control, Tecom Challenger and more. To find out how we can create the ideal commercial security system for your business, speak to one of our experts today on (03) 9471 0576.