Feel Secure with Home Alarm Systems from Trident

Protect your Melbourne residence with modern home alarm systems from Trident Security Services.

All our home alarm systems and monitored residential security solutions are smart and responsive. If the control room detects a burglary, duress or even a medical emergency, they will contact the appropriate personnel and despatch immediate assistance. You reduce your wait time and get the assistance you need when you need it.

We also provide tailored options to meet your individual security requirements. Talk to us about what you need and we will help you create the ideal solution.

The Problem with the Old System

Many people contract with security companies to have regular patrols visit their premises, but only when local audible alarms are activated and the police are informed of a breach.

This system, which is already outdated, provides problems you want to avoid. Security patrols can’t be everywhere at once, meaning you risk having to wait before receiving assistance after a burglary or potentially dangerous or serious incident. This could jeopardise the safety of your loved ones and home, not to mention anyone in your surrounds.

Paradox Intuitive Touchscreen Control

The TM50 Touch is the next generation in system control for the Spectra and Magellan products. With its bright colour display, intuitive icons, and menu-driven interface, the TM50 Touch reflects Paradox’s commitment to user-centric design. The TM50 Touch allows you to control your Paradox system’s functions through its touchscreen interface. This advanced touchscreen includes many convenient features, such as support for up to 32 floor plans with test mode (optional SpotOn Alarm Locator™ and Solo Test™ features), and OneScreen Monitoring™, which allows the user to view the status of all eight partitions and up to 192 zones.

View the brochures by visiting the Maintenance page.

The Benefits of Monitored Home Alarm Systems

You can rest assured of:

  • 24-hour a day security
  • Various established data transmission options, such as Dialler, GPRS and Multipath, and much more
  • Affordability. With Trident, it’s a very small weekly investment you’re making to protect your most valuable assets.
  • Peace of mind

The security of your home is priceless. To find out how we can create the ideal home alarm system that is monitored and highly secure, speak to one of our experts today on (03) 9471 0576 or get in touch online.