Regular Maintenance for Security Systems: Providing Quality Testing & Support

A home alarm or commercial system that isn’t functioning properly, may compromise your security. Through regular maintenance intervals, you ensure the protection of your family and assets, as well as extend the life of your system and its components.

Don’t take any chances. Invest in our maintenance services today and rest assured knowing that your home or commercial building is safe and your security solution is operating at the consistently high standard you expect.

Quality Service, Preventative Care

At pre-determined intervals, we visit your home or business to run a series of tests, providing a comprehensive inspection to make sure your electronic security system is working to a high standard of performance and reliability.

As part of our comprehensive maintenance service, we put your system through a series of checks, to ensure the highest level of functionality.

Support for Legacy Systems

We cover maintenance and support for most of the older legacy security systems as well.

  • Concept 2000
  • Concept 3000
  • DAS 200L
  • DAS208
  • DAS DL100
  • DAS DL150
  • DAS DL250
  • EDM 905
  • EDM 908
  • IEI E36-4
  • MCM Logic Com Series
  • Ness 5000
  • Ness Pro Series
  • Ness D8
  • Networx
  • Solution 8
  • Solution 16
  • Solution 16+
  • Solution 4+4
  • Solution 6+6
  • Solution 64
  • Solution 862
  • Solution 844
  • Solution 880
  • Solution 880 ultima
  • Tecom Challenger Panel

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The regular maintenance of your device is vital and should not be overlooked. If you would like Trident’s expert technicians to service or maintain your home alarm or commercial security system in Melbourne get in touch with us here or call (03) 9471 0576 today.