Join the Future of ‘Smart Cabling’ with our Structured Cabling Systems

The Hills Home Wiring Network is an intelligent centrally located distribution system which adds to the value, convenience, and security of your home. It allows you to connect and share devices such as TV, VCR, DVD, computer, phone and security cameras. This same wiring network is used to connect your home appliances, lights, air conditioner, garage door, security system, and irrigation to the “Home Automation” controller, providing you with a “Smart Home”.

All the cabling comes back to a central box. Once this is in place, it is easy to add future technologies as your Hills Home Wiring Network will be able to accommodate these new devices without costly rewiring. It is important to use a qualified installer who will design the system to meet your needs today and in the future.

The NBN for your Home or Business

The aim of the NBN network is to give you access to fast, reliable phone and internet services from a range of providers. There will be a mix of technologies to deliver Australia’s new broadband network, which means that the steps to get up and running will be specific to your address. The NBN will provide faster, more seamless communications between devices in your Home or Business. Currently there are a number of Security and CCTV product on the market which are NBN ready.

Most devices have LAN/WAN connectivity, which will allow the user to log in to the Home or Business Hub to access files, video cameras, control alarm and home automation functions.

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