Video Surveillance, CCTV Security Camera Systems

Video surveillance, such as that provided by CCTV camera systems, is increasingly common both in commercial buildings and private homes.

Trident can install CCTV security camera systems and customised surveillance equipment at your home or workplace and also offers additional monitoring services.

Trident Security has been involved in the installation of video surveillance systems for the past two decades. During that time, we have seen many improvements in technology, from analogue through to IP digital and hybrid systems.

The benefits of installing monitored CCTV security camera systems include:

  • They are highly cost-effective
  • You do not need to be at your premises (or worry about who else is!)
  • Fast response
  • Reduce false alarms
  • Multiple cameras so your place is covered from floor to ceiling and nothing is missed
  • A more comprehensive way to record and report on activity happening around or on your premises

Risk Management and OH&S

CCTV surveillance does much more than just monitors your premises. It can also help address compliance with work, health and safety policies, which is an important part of your business. Access control can observe workers and see where risks need to be better avoided. It also has the ability to visually confirm whether dangerous machinery is being operated by authorised staff only, which potentially reduces the risk for injury and accidents at work.

What Our Team Can Do For You

Whether you have a home, retail store or a large warehouse, our team can design, install and maintain hardware from a small four-camera system, to a large integrated digital installation.

We can also provide totally integrated security, surveillance and building management systems. Our specialty is in the hospitality industry,, providing security for restaurants, hotels, bars and more.

A quality CCTV security camera system has a number of benefits, for both private and business purposes. Get in touch online or call us on (03) 9471 0576 for expert advice on the best system for your or to get a quote.